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Melted Time

Anett Stuth

19.09.2020 - 07.11.2020
opening: [b]Nach aktuellem Stand ist der Beginn der Ausstellung für Samstag, 19.09.2020, 10-16 Uhr geplant.[/b] The artist is present.

ANETT STUTHs perspective shifts between past and future, between photography and painting, everyday life and film. In her work, the artist combines photos of different rooms and locations from different times in nested picture levels and (de-)constructs the world like a collage.
With the works from her "Fehlfarben" series, the artist shows real diverse "collages" in the middle of urban space, which - threatened (or already taken) by gentrification - only exist for a short time. The artist uses a thin brush to apply these false colors, which are ambiguous in their meaning (missing color on the one hand and wrong color on the other) to the photo, creating unique artistic pieces of contemporary, documentary value.

  • Aus der Serie FEHLFARBEN (Wien, Donauufer 1), 2019, Fotografie, übermalt, Aufl. 3 Unikate + 2 e.a.

slow paintings

Dirk Salz

19.09.2020 - 07.11.2020
opening: [b]According to the current status, the exhibition is scheduled to start on Saturday, September 19, 2020, 10 am - 4 pm[/b] The artist is present.

DIRK SALZs artistic work treats human perception in various forms, or the inadequacy of the mind that shapes this perception.

The layered structure of the often-transparent picture surface allows the story of the creation of the picture and thus time to be experienced in a new form. Reflections that sometimes occur disrupt the strict compositions, which are based on coherence. They are the wanted part of this work, which is not controllable because of its location and situation. Recognizing the "actual picture" is actually impossible. The resulting irritation "what is in the picture and what is reflection?" Is an integral part of this work and transforms our usual idea of a "static" picture into a new dynamic interpretation.

Other, primarily gray-white or pastel works are characterized by a special depth and extreme calm. The matt surface blurs the contours and thus the definiteness of the composition and lets the viewers gaze sink contemplatively into the picture.

  • # 2553, 2020, Pigment und Kunstharz auf Multiplex, Durchmesser 90 cm